½ Dr Blow Bottles

Blow bottles are a specific type of bottles which are precisely manufactured implementing a specific technique. Singh Enterprises are the leading manufacturers of ½ Dr Blow Bottles. They are manufactured using a blow mold that blows air into the melted plastic to acquire the required shapes and size.


The Dram blow bottles are made with exceptional quality of plastic. It comes in smooth finish, better built, improved quality and temperature management. The producing process of ½ dram bottles is specifically for medical reasons. The content in them can be heavy and they are strong enough to not have any leakage or tear. 

Prominently used to store tablets and other medicines. They are also made from PP materials that ensures the best quality in-addition to joint free way of manufacturing the bottles. These bottles are smaller and there is no chemical reaction to them. 

Singh Enterprises offer the ½ Dr Blow Bottles in multiple colors like, Orange, Yellow, Blue, and Lavender. The colors help in keeping the correct medicines and are easy to sort.

Size ½ Dr
Material  HDPE/ PP Plastic
Color Multi-Color
Shape Tubular
Cap Type Screw Cap


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