2 Dr Blow Bottles

Singh Enterprises is the leading homeopathy plastic bottle manufacturer in India. We have our clientele spread out all over the country. With our market experience and better quality than the market standards. All our products are inclined to market standards and adhere to rules to securely produce medical bottles and containers.

When making the bottles for homeopathic medicines, we employ the blow technique. When it comes to storing liquid medications, it is ideal. With no joints like ordinary bottles, the bottle is created by blow molding from a single piece of melted plastic. It has the benefit of stability and superior strength, which allows it to contain much thicker and heavier drugs without leaking.

The bottle contains 2 drams worth of space for your medicine. It contains the perfect way to ensure the best quality of plastic and bottles. Homeopathic bottles are perfect to ensure the best quality due to the blow molding method. HDPE plastics is used to produce the bottles adding up the benefits provided by Singh Enterprises.  It comes in smooth finish, better built, improved quality and temperature management. We offer the Dram Blow Bottles in multiple colors like, Orange, Yellow, Blue, and Lavender. The colors help in keeping the correct medicines and are easy to sort.

Size 2 Dr
Material  PP Plastic
Color Multi-Color
Shape Tubular
Cap Type Screw Cap


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