PP Semi Transparent Bottles

Homeopathy plastic bottles come in several factors with improved benefits. Singh Enterprises is the best homeopathy medicine bottle manufacturer. Our in-house designs that produce the highest manufacturing value with best opaque bottles.

Our homeopathy bottles manufacturing is in compliance with the latest market standards with improved quality and better materials. The opaque bottles are highly quality induced products that are delivered with quality in mind. Produced from HDPE plastics, which is the highest quality of plastic available in the market. It has the best environmental stability of all the plastics. It contains the best non-reactive properties that doesn’t damage any content that it contains. 

As an opaque homeopathy bottle manufacturer, it comes in plenty of sizes to perfectly match the amount of your medicines and accurate doses. The HDPE plastics are perfectly recyclable with no expiry date for better storage of the medicine without it getting bad.

We also deliver in a huge bulk of opaque homeopathic medicine bottles. Singh Enterprises ensures every consignment is received in time with no delay from our end whatsoever. Every single opaque bottle comes in different colored caps for better identification for your entity.

Size 1/4, 1/2, 1, 2, 3, 4 Dr
Material  HDPE/ PP Plastic
Color Opaque
Shape Tubular
Cap Type Screw Cap



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