1 Dr Blow Bottles

1 Dr Blow Bottles are highly specific bottles which are manufactured by Singh Enterprises. We are the leading 1 Dr Blow Bottles manufacturer in India with a client base all over the nation. The bottles contain one dram, which translates to 3.6 ml of containable space.

We use the blow method of manufacturing the homeopathic medicine bottles. It is best when it comes to storing liquid medicinal stuff. The blow molding makes the bottle from a single melted plastic with no joints like regular bottles. It gives the advantage of stability and better strength to hold much thicker of heavy medicines without any leakage.

The bottles are also made from PP plastics, combining the it’s beneficiary factor to blow bottle the quality is on-par. The plastic is environment friendly and can handle certain levels of temperature with no reaction to the chemicals present. 

The bottles come in the precise size of one Dram benefiting the clients to the precise dimensions. There are various color options which you can choose from or use them to distinguish your medicines. Singh Enterprises offer the Dram Blow Bottles in multiple colors like, Orange, Yellow, Blue, and Lavender. The colors help in keeping the correct medicines and are easy to sort.

Size 1 Dr
Material  PP Plastic
Color Multi-Color
Shape Tubular
Cap Type Screw Cap


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