Square Seal Chemical Containers

Singh Enterprises is the leading chemical container manufacturer in India. Our products are supplied throughout the country. We specialize in plastic containers manufacturing for containing chemicals and for related industries. With extensive experience in the leading the plastic bottles and container market for the improved quality to the market standards. Receive the best plastic containers that are reputed with exceptional overall betterment.

White square seal containers are made to be precisely secured with the improved way of how containers are built. We have a customer centric approach with our levels of chemical container manufacturing. The chemical bottles and containers have a unique build which we design in-house. The plastic used to manufacture square containers using the HDPE plastics for the improved quality.

HDPE plastic has the perfect benefits which a plastic chemical container should have. It isn’t reactive to any chemical at all. The strength of plastic built is also rigid and can hold a good amount of weight. Plastic containers are also crack resistant, correct thickness and environment friendly. Each product we manufacture is in compliance with the set international standards dealing with chemicals and medicines. White square seal containers come in numerous dimensions and sizes to hold a precise amount of contents within. 

Size 150, 300, 450, 550, 750, 1100ml
Material  HDPE Plastic
Color White
Shape Square
Cap Type Screw Cap


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