PET G Tablet Containers

Singh Enterprises has been the dominant in the market for over three decades. We are the leading chemical container manufacturer in India. Our happy clients are based all over the country where we provide plastic tablet containers and chemical bottles. With extensive knowledge in producing plastic chemical containers and bottles are never outside the industry standards. Get the best quality of container for chemicals with a quality plastic and impeccable design with latest technology in manufacturing.


The tablet container can be the most used product in the pharmaceutical sectors. It has a good benefit of storing and packaging the content to easily ship for sales. We manufacture the best round tablet container in plenty of sizes with every design made within our company for the perfect size and dimensions. Singh Enterprises understand the requirements of the clients and produce accordingly. 

The tablet containers can easily fit the said grams of pills and tablets. Interior of our chemical containers have a smooth finish that prevents any damage to the coating of your tablets or pills. The material we use to manufacture helps counter any harm from the environment. We use HDPE plastic to manufacture the plastic tablet container. 

PET plastic is extremely non-reactive and is structurally strong. It has an amber look and color. PET plastic also has no expiration date like many other plastics and it is extremely causing no harm to our environments. The material can also be recycled so the afterthought we give our product is much more valuable.

It has a versatile use for a screw cap white tablet container.

  • Food n Beverages
  • Cosmetics
  • Pharmacy
  • And plenty more.
Size 60, 100, 200 cc
Material  PET
Color White
Shape Round
Cap Type Screw Cap


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