Pearl Stand up Tubes

Singh Enterprises has been the dominant in the market for over three decades. We are the leading chemical container manufacturer in India. Our happy clients are based all over the country where we provide plastic tablet containers and chemical bottles. With extensive knowledge in producing plastic tablet containers and bottles are never outside the industry standards. Get the best quality of container for chemicals with a quality plastic and impeccable design with latest technology in manufacturing.

Singh Enterprises have the best stylish products, that is Pearl Stand Up Tubes that can be perfect for your cosmetic and pharmaceuticals. It is a perfectly shaped plastic stand up tube that is also well designed. The stand up tubes can be used for face cream, shampoo, or cosmetic products in general. 

We have designed the plastic stand up tube not only with utility, but also looks in mind. Your consumers must appeal and attract towards them. Our stand up tubes are designed to be convenient, appealing and of the highest quality. These tubes are designed to pour the right amount of content. It also has some squeeze to perfectly release the substance. Our tubes also highlight your packaging for a better visibility amongst the others. 

Our plastic comb bottles are made from high-density polyethylene (HDPE) plastic, a material known for its chemical resistance, rigidity, and durability. The bottles are crack-resistant and have the correct thickness for optimal product protection, ensuring that your product stays fresh and effective for a longer period of time. The design of our stand up tubes includes a wide opening for easy refilling, and a snap-on cap that provides a secure closure, preventing leaks and spills.

Size 60, 120 ml
Material  HDPE Plastic
Color Gold/White/Pearl/Black
Shape Round
Cap Type Flip-Top Cap


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