Talcum Powder Container

Have the exceptional quality of plastic containers in India for the best buck. Singh Enterprises is the leading manufacturer of ayurvedic containers. Our ayurvedic powder bottles and containers are supplied in multiple states and the quality we offer is quite exceptional compared to others. Singh Enterprises have a wide range of products in the category of Plastic containers and square bottles.

Plastic square bottles are one of the key products featured in the containers. They have plenty of application when it comes to holding ayurvedic medicine. The plastic square bottles are made from HDPE plastics, which is widely popular for the benefits it offers when dealing with powdered substances. Every product we manufacture goes through quality tests with multiple positive outcomes. Smooth finish, better built, improved quality and temperature management.

The HDPE plastic has no reaction towards natural ingredients and is well built to hold plenty of weight without deforming. Singh Enterprises produces plastic square bottles in various sizes depending on the requirement of our clients. The designs are in-house to reduce any cost and have better manufacturing. The plastic square bottles can be used as medicine containers, which contain natural, herbal and other ingredients. 

Size: 75, 100 gms

Size 75, 100 gms
Material  HDPE/ PP Plastic
Color White (blue caps)
Shape Round
Cap Type Cap


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