15 gram square jar

Want the best cream container that reflects your business’s goodwill? Singh Enterprises is the leading cream container manufacturer in India. We have a clientele all over the country with satisfied industries. Over three decades of supplying cream containers to pharmaceutical industries with an impeccable response. We understand the market and produce plastic containers that satisfy the industrial norms and international standards. Receive the finest quality of plastic cream container that no other product container could ever match.

Each cream container is specially built with a good thickness to fabulously contain the cream and not cause any harm to it. The finish of our cream containers is extremely smooth, so there are no sharp bits of plastics which can cause harm to your ultimate consumers. We offer multiple colors that will further compliment your packaging and labeling for a better final output. The plastic we utilize for improving the best way of ensuring the leading quality which is excellent.

The storage and shipping factor of our plastic cream container can be supplied throughout the nation. We employ special machinery to mass produce your required sizes to the last mm. The designs we offer also create an impact in your further sales and product design. The transparent design can further enhance your look, especially if you have multi-colored creams with flavors.

We use the best plastic available in the market, HDPE. HDPE plastic is extremely non-reactive and is structurally strong. It doesn’t damage the product it contains and doesn’t let any outside force damage it as well. HDPE plastic also has no expiration date like many other plastics and it is extremely  causing no harm to our environments. The material can also be recycled so the afterthought we give our product is much more valuable. The multiple colors around the cream containers give it a certain look, including the complementing color options.

Size 15 gms
Material  HDPE
Color Transparent
Shape Round
Cap Type Screw Cap


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